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Frequently Asked Questions

Prawn Fishing:

  • Is Prawn Fishing Available? No, In December 2020 we had to make the heartbreaking decision to close our Prawn fishing activity due the decreasing number of prawns and low survival rates through breeding runs. An issue we had been monitoring for a few years and working through possible issues causing the low survival rate. Extensive research has identified a genetic issue resulting in needing to import new breeding stock. Read More 
  • Has the price changed accordingly? Yes, our entry price has been reduced while prawn fishing is unavailable. See our park info page for full list of prices.
  • Can I still learn about prawns? Yes, We run a behind-the-scenes tours where you can learn all about the lifecycle of a prawn, see prawns up close and hand-feed baby prawns! We are still taking educational tours for school and tour groups as well.
  • How long will the fishing component of the Activity park be closed? We continue to work through the process to get our prawn numbers back up to be able to open Prawn fishing again however this could be another 12-18months taking us to late 2023. Read More 
  • Do you still have prawns for breeding? We still have breeding stock in our hatchery and nursery however the survival rate continues to be low in each larval run due to being genetically weak. You can see these and find out more on our behind-the-scenes tour.

Activities Park:

  •  How long are we allowed to stay in the Activities Park? The entry fee is an all-day fee; you can stay from opening until closing time. We recommended allowing at least 1 1/2 – 2 hours.
  • Can I bring a picnic into the Activities Park? Yes, you are very welcome to bring a picnic or snacks into the Park but no alcohol please. We have lots of space for you to enjoy this. You are unable however to bring your own food into our Restaurant.
  • Do you do birthday parties? We don’t have set birthday packages but you are more than welcome to host a birthday party in the park. There is a nice spot with picnic tables, playground and shade at the end of the activities park that works great for birthdays, you are welcome to bring in your own food and cake in to the park
  • Do you charge a surcharge on Public Holidays? We do not charge a surcharge to go in Activities Park but we do have a 15% surcharge in the Restaurant.
  • Can I bring my pet into the Activities Park? Sorry no, we do not allow pets into the Activities Park unless they are seeing eye dogs.
  • How much extra is the tour of the Prawn Nursery and Hatchery? The tours which depart on the hour are included in your all day pass or you can purchase a tour only pass for $15.00. The tours take about 25 minutes. 


  • Can I still eat prawns? Absolutely – Huka Prawn Park Restaurant is still open and is serving prawns.
  • What prawns are you selling in the restaurant? We are selling the same species we grow at Huka Prawn Park and these are ethically grown and imported from Thailand. These prawns are still exclusively available at Huka Prawn Park.
  • Can you buy takeaway prawns? Yes we have prawns-to-go available.  Prawns-to-go are uncooked and packaged on ice in a cooler bag with garlic butter and cooking tips.
  • Does the Restaurant take bookings? No we don’t take bookings, so please just come on in when you are ready. We recommend considering your time of dining outside of peak lunch periods to avoid waits, we do run a wait list if needed. For larger groups of 15 or more please contact our bookings team on or 07 3748474 and we can consider your reservation. There will be no group bookings accepted from mid December through January and February.
  • Do we have to pay a park entry fee to dine in the Restaurant? No, the Restaurant is separate to the Activities Park. 
  • Do you charge a surcharge on Public Holidays? We have a 15% surcharge in the Restaurant.
  • Can I bring my pet into the Restaurant? Sorry no, we do not allow pets into the Restaurant unless they are seeing eye dogs.

Can’t find the answer to your question here? Please contact us.